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i want to be able to pick up boxes by standing ontop and pressing a button. you use flappy bird like controls to move around. i don't know how I can have the boxes be picked up like that and held in the air and all and still be dropped ontop of each other. I'm using kinemetic body 2d for my player and simple code to move left and right and be allowed to jump when a time of 0.2 seconds ends thus chaining jumps but not over using it. i tried using joint 2ds but if the boxes than it affects the players x axis movement. i got something working with a rigidbody player and rigidbody box but you can still maneuver to have the box rest on your side and the controls for rigibody are really wild and hard to make precise. any solutions to all this.

basically I need a way to hold a box but landing on top of it and grabbing it with flappy bird-like controls and still have the ability to drop it and not let it wind up next to you while you hold it

Godot version version 3.2.3
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