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Having several scenes containing animated sprites with playing enabled, I have noticed that whenever the scene is saved, the frame property of every animated sprite gets saved too, which means you need to reset them manually if you don't want a dirty git commit.
As a workaround, one could:

  • Set all animations to not playing, enable playing from code. This is easy but the annoyance is you either can't actually see any animations in the editor, or have to remember stopping and resetting all of them before committing changes.
  • Add a content filter in a .gitattributes file to scan for every line that contains the regex frame = \d+. Would probably work but may lead to unexpected results.

Any other ideas? Thanks.

Godot version v3.3.3.stable.arch_linux
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You could upgrade to 3.4 beta4 and rely on the new animation reset track feature.

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