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when I call the instance method through the player's code, the game crashes,
but if i call the method in the code of the magic_blast instance itself via
_ready () then everything is fine
how to call the method correctly?
here is the player code:

void Player::Fire(){
    if (i->is_action_just_pressed("ui_attack")){
        Node2D* magic_blast = cast_to<Node2D>(MAGIC_BLAST->instance());
        Node2D* pos_node = get_node<Node2D>("Position2D");

        if (Math::sign(pos_node->get_position().x) == 1){   
            magic_blast->call( "SetMagicBlastDirection", Array::make(1));
        else if (Math::sign(pos_node->get_position().x) == -1){
            magic_blast->call( "SetMagicBlastDirection", Array::make(-1));



in the instance, using the method, I change the direction of the fireball, but when I change the direction to -1, the game crashes

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