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My current project involves buttons that are re-used frequently. I'm struggling with finding a good description of how to go about setting the object target for adding a signal connection where the object target is not self.

Node hierarchy is:
--->Menu buttons

GodotScript is:

# Sets up a button with some text and tells it what function the signal should link to.
func assignChoiceToButton(num, displayText, command):
    get_node("ChoiceButton" + str(num)).show()
    #print("ChoiceButton" + str(num))
    get_node("ChoiceButton" + str(num)).set_text(displayText)
    get_node("ChoiceButton" + str(num)).connect("pressed",self,command)
    if(num == 1):
        forgetsignal1 = command
    if(num == 2):
        forgetsignal2 = command
    if(num == 3):
        forgetsignal3 = command
    if(num == 4):
        forgetsignal4 = command
    if(num == 5):
        forgetsignal5 = command
    if(num == 6):
        forgetsignal6 = command
    if(num == 7):
        forgetsignal7 = command

func continuebuttonprompt(command):
    forgetsignal7 = command

# This should clear the last signal applied to each of the buttons so they're ready for new signals to be assigned to them. 
func resetchoicebuttons():
    print("Choice Buttons Reset!")
    if(forgetsignal1 != "emptyvalue"):
    if(forgetsignal2 != "emptyvalue"):
    if(forgetsignal3 != "emptyvalue"):
    if(forgetsignal4 != "emptyvalue"):
    if(forgetsignal5 != "emptyvalue"):
    if(forgetsignal6 != "emptyvalue"):
    if(forgetsignal7 != "emptyvalue"):

    forgetsignal1 = "emptyvalue"
    forgetsignal2 = "emptyvalue"
    forgetsignal3 = "emptyvalue"
    forgetsignal4 = "emptyvalue"
    forgetsignal5 = "emptyvalue"
    forgetsignal6 = "emptyvalue"
    forgetsignal7 = "emptyvalue"

So my question is, if I were trying to call the above code in "../menu" from "../QuestLog/TutorialQuest" what should I put instead of self for the object target? Thanks.

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Random aside, for the moment I've cheated by copying the above code into the TutorialQuest node, but I'm not sure I want to be doing that for every single quest only to maybe rework it later.

Oh, in TutorialQuest I might setup a button like so:

assignQuestChoiceToButton(4, "I want to explore, curiosity drives me.", "stepOneAnswerB")

to then call

func stepOneAnswerB():
    get_node("../../Menu").addTextOutput("You: I want to explore, curiosity drives me.")
    get_node("../../Menu").addTextOutput("Guardsman: Exploration is not without its risks! I wish you luck in this endeavour!")

also, you maybe could try to use match: statement instead of your 'if' conditional statements . not that it'd fix anything, but looks like a good use for it.

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Just pass a reference to another object :)!

connect("pressed", get_node("path/to/target/node"), funcName)
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Thank you, this is the answer I was looking for, I should've guessed that would be the way to do it but my brain got fixated on the way the function call is handled in connect and tried to was sending a string like an idiot.

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1.) instead of reating your code 7 times make it like

for choice in choice_list:
   #code for button creation and connection

choice_list could be an array or dictionary, you could fill it within the script or load it via .json.
here is an tutorial were someone did something like you want:

2.) targetnode = self.getnode()

your targetnode needs a script with the method "nameofthemethod". but im not shure if that is the right path. its cleaner imo to have the method who handles the signal in the same script were it gets connected.

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I appreciate the advice. I must confess I had seen Happiecats video prior to starting this project. Whilst I saw the merits (And think it's certainly worthwhile for others to check out her approach) in this particular case I opted to keep everything together in the same place rather than have the text out in JSON files.

To me it's a case of, what works for one person may not be suitable for others, but I absolutely recommend anyone who reads this response checks the video.

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