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(Sorry for my bad English)

'animation' no longer works in script?

it gives me failure when I put:
"func _process (delta):

animation (); "

together also with

"func animation ():

if (velocity.x <0):
animatedSprite.animation = "MoveRight"

animatedSprite.flip_h = true

if (velocity.x> 0):

animatedSprite.animation = "MoveRight"

animatedSprite.flip_h = false "

I try to give it animation but when I run the animation and press the keys, leave it and it gives me an error, I tried to explain myself the best I could, I hope you can help me, I am new to using the program

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Please provide the error and also you're supposed to use animatedSprite.play("MoveRight") to actually play the animation

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