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I want something akin to a laser sight for my pistol model that will be used in a 3rd-person game and to do that I intend to use ImmediateGeometry or something like that, the only problem is that I have no idea how to do that. Does anyone have good suggestions for that problem?

Godot version 3.2.2
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It could be done easier than with ImmediateGeometry:

Make Spatial -> MeshInstance hierarchy. Make this mesh to be a f.i. cylinder with height = 1.0 and then offset it like Y+0.5, that its bottom located at parent Spatial origin.

Then you should point that Spatial to the target like with look_at()or as a child of weapon and apply scale to that axis according to the target distance like

laser_ray.scale = Vector3(1.0, distance, 1.0)

You may also need a RayCast to know exact distance and to don't allow your laser to penetrate through rigid objects.

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