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I'm have trouble trying to convert a returned dictionary value into code.

My dictionary value returns as "(randi() % 11 + 2)" which is a string. Is there a simple way to convert this into code? Do I have to use a regexp to remove the quotations?

I've tried int() and it didn't work to generate a random number in the range listed above.

Thank you!

Godot version 3.3.2
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Found this function that works perfectly.

func evaluate(input):
var script = GDScript.new()
script.set_source_code("func eval():\n\treturn " + input)

var obj = Reference.new()

return obj.eval()

From another answer here...
Does GDScript have a method to execute a string of code?

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You can use the call() or callv functions but first your dictionary value is in bad format. You can either slice your string or rearrange it in a way to be compatible with those functions

# this assumes no encapsulation of ( )
var callv("randi() % 11 + 2".split("()")
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Thank you! Very useful function.

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