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The both appear to do the same thing and if you call bounce without normalizing the input it will even say the reflect function has failed. Is it just their to make it more obvious to users that such a function exists? And if not whats the difference, neither are deprecated.

Godot version 3.3
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this is the cpp function from godot 4 .. which would be the same as in 3

Vector2 Vector2::bounce(const Vector2 &p_normal) const {
    return -reflect(p_normal);

Vector2 Vector2::reflect(const Vector2 &p_normal) const {
    ERR_FAIL_COND_V_MSG(!p_normal.is_normalized(), Vector2(), "The normal Vector2 must be normalized.");
    return 2.0 * p_normal * this->dot(p_normal) - *this;

so ... bounce is just reflect inverted

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Seems more confusing than useful.

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