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Hi all. I want to switch between two stage with a button.

  • button 1 -> scene 2
  • button 2 -> scene 1

I managed to follow a tutorial using "GDscript" and "Autoload", but I do not understand how in Visual script. (sorry for the bad English I'm french)

asked Jan 10, 2017 in Engine by Zopono (12 points)
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It should be part of SceneTree VS node, I guess, but I'm unable to do anything on actual master with VS.
If I remember, there is a VS node that allows to write some lines of code and may let you do a get_tree().change_scene

You should wait for the announcement of Godot 3 alpha to expect (nearly and buggy) full feature on visual scripting though.

Thank you Eons! I succeeded with this method :


Is it correct?

PS: How did you post an image on this forum?

The CallInstance sounds weird but seems to be the vsnode for this, check the remote inspector on the debugger to see if the scene is correctly loaded.

Keep in mind that GDScript and Objects are under some feature changes and VS may suffer extra ones to adjust to them, since was not oficially released yet.

For images, if you have direct link, use the image button on top, should add something like the hyperlink one

![enter image description here][1]

  [1]: http://

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