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After little fight with Kivy I have decide to rewrite my company inside render-manager in godot for simpler UI design and... Godot it's great ;)

But I have little problem, executing shell commands is very simple but how can I capture output from console? It's needed for controlling progress and errors. It's even possible?

asked Jan 9, 2017 in Engine by websterek (227 points)

Never tried but can't you redirect the output to a file in user:// path?

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Hand an array as the fourth argument to OS.execute. Each line of output will be added as an element to that array. For example:

var output = []
OS.execute( 'grep', ['-Irn', 'pattern', '.'], true, output )
for line in output:
    print( line )

Make sure to create the output array using [] and not Array(), only arrays created using [] are shared (see issue #5277)

answered Jan 10, 2017 by eska (1,034 points)

Is there any way to know if process has finished when using non-blocking exec?

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