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If I write the module's header like this :

ClassDB::bind_method(D_METHOD("_init", "size"), &TestClass::_init);

void _init(int size) { some codes... }

And I write my gds codes like this:

var a = TestClass.new(15)

report the error when the code running :

Invalid call to function 'new' in base 'GDScriptNativeClass'. Expected 0 arguments.

By the way, If I write new() without arguments. The built-in script editor will report the error:

Too few Arguments for "_init()" call.

How should I do?

Godot version 3.3
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Concept of scene tree and serialization requires that objects can be created without extra dependencies on parameters in a uniform way.

Don't use constructors with parameters. Initialize your object when it's fully created.

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