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I'm a newby it's true. I've only finished two games now.

My first (http://www.video-games.io/hangman/) was a serious learning experience and now my second (http://www.video-games.io/tic-tac-toe/) was no different. They're such small games but it can feel really hard to push through. This one took me about 2.5 months of very much part time work. I have a full time job and family that comes first.

Some of my code is spaghetti in the end as I just had to get it out the door.

There are a few bugs and not nearly enough polish, but, having said that, it's a learning experience. It's "a game" on my way to "the game". I'm saving my energies for when I get to that point.

I wanted to post where I frequent to thank the people on Godot Q/A site, the Godot subreddit and the Godot facebook group as well as the much loved gamedev subreddit.

I'm going to break before game #3 (pong) and get some more understanding of OOP principles under my belt to keep the code cleaner for the next one.

I hope someone out there enjoys my game #2.

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That's great, but this is not a question.

This website is for asking questions and getting answers.

Please share your work on the forums instead at godotdevelopers.org.

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Is fine to show projects, read the How to use this Q&A?

The only problem here is that will get lost quickly (but may get more attention than that forum anyway)

Oh. That's weird.

I posted this in the "projects" category. I posted here also as this is the place that has helped me the most and I wanted to thank everyone.

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