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How do you make a gun that shoots toarts the player? but the gun has a delay of 1 second.
and it doesn't have gravity(the bullet). hopefuly i am clear.

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oke. witch one?

You will not be able to find it? Ha-ha-ha
"Simple shooter"

oke thanks but he shoots not toarts the player. but forwards. sorry

"not toarts" - What does it mean? it's not English

i mean that the bullet goes to the position of the player on the moment the bullet has been fired. toarts is probably a word just spellt it rong.english i'snt my natif laguage.

toarts = towards? say it fast

probably. but still do i not have an answer

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For 2D/3D have a look at the "look_at" methods.

There are two possible ways to use it:

  1. Use it on the gun to point the gun in the direction of the player, then when you create a bullet copy the angle to the bullet.

  2. Use it on the bullet. When you create a bullet, set the bullet's angle to look at the player using look_at.

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