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I'm trying to add this child to this node but nothing happens that way, what's wrong?

extends Area2D

var SOUND = preload("res://tscn/sound_effect.tscn")

func ready():
var v = SOUND.instance().get

Godot version Godot 3.3
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sorry but why dont you instance the child directly?

Do you mean something like this?


no... i mean, if you need the child n.4 of the scene SOUND, why did you created the scene SOUND only to get the child?
couldnt you create a scene CHILD_n_4 and instance that?

by the way, i think it does not work cause parent.add_child(child) only works if child does not has a parent.
so you first need to remove the parent of the child, and then add the child to another parent

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var SOUND = preload("res://tscn/sound_effect.tscn")

func ready():
var s=SOUND.instance()
var v = s.get_child(n)
s.queue_free() #
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Yes, thank you

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