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I followed the godot-tools' configurations: editorpath: 'E:\Godot\Godotv3.3.3-stablemonowin64\Godotv3.3.3-stablemono_win64.exe'
When I open a Godot project and choose a .gd file to edit with VSCode, it'll be that 'Couldn't connect to the GDScript language server.' and ask me to 'Open Godot Editor'
So that's what I do, and Godot opens normally.
In VSCode, editing the .gd file, if I add a normal comments '#' and save the file, it works, the comments is also saved in Godot. But there's no suggestion or auto-complete, and if I write anything that isn't a comment, e.g., 'print', 'extends', Godot closes and the 'Couldn't connect to the GDScript language server.' pops up.
I've been trying the Godot standard and mono, reinstalling godot-tools, setting everything to default and try again. Nothing works :<

Godot version Godot_v3.3.3-stable_mono_win64
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I uninstalled Godotv3.3.3-stablewin64 and installed Godotv3.3.2-stablewin64 and now it works like a charm! Guess imma wait for v3.4.

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So I guess one solution is to downgrade Godot.

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