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Hello every one,

i'm developing an isometric rpg , the player can only move 4 direction trough the keyboard
(i converted the cartesian movement to isometric)..
now i ask to you all:
i want my player can shoot magic projectiles but how can they be shooted the right direction?

can you script for me a simple example?
Thank you all

Godot version 3.3.2
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Does projectiles simply goes to player facing direction or where cursor is?

Don't use latest version, it's even written in the form!
I have seen a video about creating an isometric games, it's Unity, but the main principle is the same. Link Also GDQuest's tutorial Also if you'd like pixel art tutorials about isometric, watch some of these: Isometric character, Isometric tile and if'd like a lighting tutorial, it's Unity again, but Godot has the same functionality.

Why should i not use latest version?
Anyway the projectiles are shooted with the keyboard

Thank you for your reply! Ill check the links

Sorry, didn't meant "use", I meant don't write that your using "latest", but write exact, which in your case 3.3.2-stable.

And if you get nerdy about naming, you should use "latest", use latest "stable". But it's different things, sorry for getting you confused.

Why should i not use latest version?

The reason is that people might see this in the future and then have to look up which version was the latest back when you originally posted. Suppose a version 3.3.4 was released tomorrow, now the latest is that one and certainly not the one you were using.

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