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So im trying to get the animation working for my top down movement but i only have the run right and left animation and i cant seem to figure out how to program my player, so when my player is facing right and then goes up i want him to keep facing right and vice versa. i also cant figure out how to deal with the idle animation.. btw im using the animated sprite node...

this is the code btw. sorry if its so messy

func get_animation():
if velocity.x > 0 or velocity.x > 0 and velocity.y < 0 or velocity.y < 0:
    if velocity == Vector2.ZERO:
if velocity.x < 0 or velocity.x < 0 and velocity.y > 0 or velocity.y > 0:
    if velocity == Vector2.ZERO:
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if velocity==vector2.ZERO:
    if velocity.x!=0:

i think this will work

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thankyou very much

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