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I'm sorry to ask this question again, but I still haven't find a way to correctly mix camera zoom with parallax layers in 2D. Did I missed something? It seems that the parallax are scaled but are translated in a inconsistent manner. Could someone provide me some help?

Thank you very much !

asked Jan 6, 2017 in Engine by thomas_laverne (101 points)

Are you able to show a gif or video of the issue?

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Did you make sure you disabled : Ignore Camera Zoom on your Parallax Background? That was the problem I had when using zoom.

answered Jan 26, 2017 by MarUss (14 points)

Yep I did, but it didn't helped :-)

In fact there is a bug in the update of the zoom in the parallax layer. I'm solving it and will update source code accordingly.Here is the result

(I think there is still a small issue with offset)
Thank you for your answer !

I would also be quite interested in your solution.

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