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Hello. I am a beginner to Godot. I have made my own player model, a map, and everything. The only problem is, whenever I try to launch the game, it comes up with these errors:

Cannot open file 'res://.import/player.glb-36e3b2d0fe6d66cf03b2e49d95806322.scn'.

editor/import/editorsceneimportergltf.cpp:92 - Condition "magic != 0x46546C67" is true. Returned: ERRFILE_UNRECOGNIZED

core/os/file_access.cpp:671 - Condition "!f" is true. Continuing.

Cannot open file 'res://.import/player.glb-36e3b2d0fe6d66cf03b2e49d95806322.scn'.

Godot version 3.3.2
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That is weird. The error is happening when trying to load something from the .import folder, which is hidden and created when you run the game.

Can you delete that .import folder? Try making your file browser show hidden files and folders to see it, then try again. If it continues failing, try removing the Player node from the root scene and see if it'll start.

If that still fails, try deleting the player scene, or moving it outside of the resources directory, and try running the game again.

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