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Hi there.
I generaly understand how signals work, but this one simply does not work. In the same project I am using "tab clicked" signal (in Tabs node ofc.) and it works as expected. When I click the tab with left mouse button it works and sends the signal. However, "right button pressed" just does not work. If I understand correctly, it should be emited when the tab is clicked with the right mouse button, but simply, nothing happens. I have no code to share, because it's just a simple signal connection. There are no errors ither. The function is just never called:

func _on_Tabs_right_button_pressed(tab):

If anyone can help, it would be welcome.

Godot version Using godot 3.3.2
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Now i know where is the problem This signal has nothing to do with right mouse click. I think it is there just because it is used by the engine and it has to be there. For the engine user it has no use at all.

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