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I made a hitscan weapon, using RayCast. When the player presses the left mouse button, the RayCast checks if an enemy is in it's way. I want this check to last longer because it only lasts for one very short moment (good for a pistol). I want this check to last longer, so it stays after the click for a few miliseconds more (for a burst rifle).

Godot version v3.3.2
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RayCast (if you're about a node) "lasts" as long as its enabled property is true.
I haven't seen your code, but seems like you're turning it off, right after mouse event is processed.

If so, you need a one-shot Timer to turn it off: Mose event makes both RayCast.enabled = true and Timer.start(), but RayCast.enabled = false should be executed only from Timer's signal (timeout).

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