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I have been making a card game and I use ItemLists as a core component of a deck builder where you can pick and choose cards to add to your deck. The singa onItemListitemactivated() handles the adding of the cards you double click it and it adds to a array that is the deck as shown in this code sample:

func _on_ItemList_item_activated(index) -> void:
var cardIDs = $Panel/ItemList2.get_item_count()
var cardData:Dictionary = $Panel/ItemList.get_item_metadata(index)
var dataID = (cardData["id"])
var transformIcon = ResourceLoader.load(cardData["transformIcon"])
$Panel/ItemList2.add_item("", transformIcon, true)
$Panel/ItemList2.set_item_metadata(cardIDs, cardData)

it works as intended on PC but doesn't seem to activate on Android, I am pretty sure that the signal is intended to work only on PC but I am at a loss on how to implement an input for it to work on android, any help would be aprreciated.

Godot version Godot Engine v3.3.stable.official
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