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Hi i have some question because while instance bullet hole i tried rotation this to player so i made this script (i made scripts in c#)

            PackedScene bullet = (PackedScene)ResourceLoader.Load("res://weapon/scene/BulletHole.tscn");

            Spatial bullet_scene = (Spatial)bullet.Instance();
            bullet_scene.Translation = (Vector3)collision.GetCollisionPoint();
            bullet_scene.LookAt((collision.GetCollisionPoint() + collision.GetCollisionNormal()), Vector3.Up);


but when i start game and tried shoot some objects to test my bullet hole rotation works i got this error and i don't know why i got this

enter image description here

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the error most likely occure because you call lookat before addchild. But even when you change the order of the calls it may result in this error because you have to wait until the node signals "treeentered" or better "ready".

My advice would be to use multimesh when spaning bullet holes. They only need one draw call for all of your bullet holes. This is can be a hugh performace increase. Also you can easily spawn new instances without creating new objects.
Read more about it here:

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