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I have 2 scenes. Scene 1 has 3 childs:
scene1 (Node2D) -> Button1 (Button) -> scene2 (scene2.tscn)
Scene 2 has one child:
scene2 (Node2D) -> Button2 (Button)

Scene1 has the following script:

var value = 1 # it is a global variable (autoload, named GlobalValue)
func _on_Button1_pressed():
            value = 5

Scene 2 has this script:

func _on_Button2_pressed():
         print(GlobalValue.value) # supposed to print 5, but prints 1

Basically what's happening is that the variable "value" is not changing after I try to change it when pressing a button.

Godot version 3.x
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Can you show an output of get_tree().root.print_tree_pretty() ?

       ┃  ┖╴Button2

Nevermind, I just wrote GlobalValue.value = 5 and now it's works as intended.

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