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Hello people. I'm totaly new to Godot engine and looking forward to learn it. I'm trying to make a game like this: https://strive4power.itch.io/strive-for-power

But I'm stuck at the very beginning. How do I change between "scenes". For example visiting a new place, getting into character details screen, checking your party etc. etc.

Do I make seperate Controls for that? Or make one ColorRect for each screen then put them in different places in my space? That's a fundemental problem for me to solve. I need your help in advance.

Godot version v3.3.2 stable
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because your new to Godot i would not recommend that you try to replicate that game, i would start something small and gradually build up to it

That's what I'm trying to do but can't properly add two seperate scenes/colorrects.

And here:
Will show you the two main ways of changing scenes. If that's not what you were expecting, then you're actually looking for something else.

From the sounds of it you just want to immediately start creating and try and learn as you go. That's totally fine! But! You will probably find that you'll continuously hit roadblocks one after the other — endlessly.

The best way to get through that is to figure them out for yourself. Google is your friend! What you go through the process of typing here, just put it all into an internet search instead. Follow quick YouTube tutorials that you think are tangentially-relevant.

And although it may seem super-mundane, follow the Docs tutorials!

And that whole site!
And here:
They're all here to help you!

Try checking them out, and, if you can't at all seem to find what you're looking for, instead of going through all the trouble of using this site or Reddit to solve your confusion (several hours or days later), instead pose your question to the internet: "how to change scenes godot" and find your way back here!

Good luck!

Thank you so much for this great comment. I think the answer lies between those links. I'll check them once I get back from vacation!

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get_tree().change_scene("path of scene")
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Okay but how do I add more "scenes" I can only add one ColorRect...

ColorRect is not a scene but a node

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