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I watched this Youtube video which basically creates a material render priority 1 and a next pass, render priority 0 with no depth test set on true. With those settings it should work but yea, as all things should be, this of course does not work at all. Render priority does nothing and the next pass completely overrides the first material....so, how do I do this now?

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Godot version 3.3.3
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According to godot's documentation "Render Priority" only works for materials with the "transparent" flag set. Only transparent objects are sorted for rendering (back to front) and only then the render priority seems to be taken into account.

So, to fix your problem, set the "Transparent" flag on both materials and check if that does not lead to any other unwanted side effects.

(In the video you referenced an older version of Godot is used where opaque objects where sorted as well, it seems.)

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yea, already tried with transparent but it's an unusable mess... I guess I have to reinvent the wheel.

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