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I'm using Godot's master branch right now. My project has a GridMap with a bunch of cubes to form a map. The navigation seems to be working and the enemies I have are successfully avoiding the walls and coming towards me. However, I also have some code that procedural generates parts of the GridMap and then calls bake_navigation_mesh() on the NavigationRegion3D which is the parent of that GridMap. The navigation doesn't seem to update after generating the map, and I'm worried this error that appears 6 times in the console each time I launch my project might be related.

Attempted to merge a navigation mesh triangle edge with another already-merged edge. This happens when the current cell_size is different from the one used to generate the navigation mesh. This will cause navigation problem.

Edit: Through lots of debug prints in the engine's source, I've found that the issue is actually just that my GridMap is too large and it takes too long to add 232748 navigation meshes. Does anyone know a shortcut I can use to speed this up?

Godot version 4.0.dev
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