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Hi guys, I'm developing a spaceship game for android in 2D, but I'm not able to run it on my cell phone at all! it's always on an infinite black screen and closes by itself or something, I've tested it on other phones and an android emulator on the computer and it always gives the same problems.
So I decided to create a new 2D project, I just put a simple scenario with 2 buttons in the middle without any function, I compiled it for android, and I ran it, it ended up starting normal!, so I decided to go adding new things to this test project, I put more buttons with simple functions to turn off music for example and texts on the screen, I added a controllable puppet and ended up giving trouble again. What will this be?

Godot version 3.3.2
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Update your app and then try again.

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Do you mean Godot or my game?

Sorry if I don't understand, I'm Brazilian and I'm using Google Translate to communicate.

To me it sounds like it might be something about your export that is going wrong. Have you installed the Android SDK?

See these webpages, they might be of assistance to you:


Other things you could try:
— Change the graphics options (like GLES 2.0, GLES 3.0, etc)
— Change export settings randomly (to see if anything happens)
— Download a previous Godot version (maybe what this person is trying to suggest or something), you can see here:
https://downloads.tuxfamily.org/godotengine/ (for example, try download 3.2)

Hope it helps!

Got it, I'll check if I can and I'll return an answer. Now about what you said about GLES2/GLES3 and export settings, I've tried it and it didn't work.

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