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my RigidBall with the CollisionShape SphereShape(Radius 0.5) reports often an impossible contact Vector3(0,0,0) on floor objects:

contact = state.get_contact_collider_position( n )

Physics Engine is DEFAULT.

Is this a bug? What to do?



Godot version Godot 3.3.2.stable
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I've investigated more, and found:

for n in state.get_contact_count():

doesn't report not always a contact, even when the RigidBall is definitely on the floor.


Hi again,

When my ball rolls from one platform to the next with no platform gap, than the ball looses contact for some frames.

I think I have to do more contact checks after get_contact_collider_position(), perhaps with a RayCast. This seams to become complicated.

I am thankful for all tips to improve this.


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i've fixed my contact problem with a timer: When the last contact is not older than 0.2 seconds, it counts still as a contact.

I hope this makes sense.



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