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Hello Godoters,
I have just started making a text game.I'm learning from one guy on youtube (here is the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5gP1eOtR5Kg) and here is the code:
extends Control

const InputResponse = preload("res://InputResponse.tscn")

onready var history_rows = $"Background/MarginContainer/Rows/GameInfo/ScrollContainer/HistoryRow"

func onInputtextentered(newtext: String) -> void:
var input
response = InputResponse.instance()

I came to the point where I have to add a scroll bar into my game.
I have followed all his instructions but it doesn't work.The engine keeps showing attempt to call function error 'add_child' in base 'null instance' on null instance.

Godot version v3.2.2.stable.official
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"null instance" is what you get when you get_node() something that doesn't exist. Since you're calling add_child() on history_rows, that means that


is an invalid path.

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