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I'm trying to make the enemy keep shooting the projectiles when the player still in the area 2d collision shape, but they shoot only one time, and i need to enter again to they shoot the player, how do i make they keep shooting while the player stay in the area?

func onRangebodyentered(body):
if "player" in body.name and fireCooldown.is_stopped():

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body_entered only fires once per body that enters the area so you'll need to set a boolean and use _physics_process() to cause it to shoot multiple times then use the body_exited signal to revert your boolean.

var player_in_range = false

func _physics_process():
    if not player_in_range:
    elif fireCooldown.is_stopped():

func _on_Range_body_entered(body):
    if "player" in body.name:
        player_in_range = true

func _on_Range_body_exited(body):
    if "player" in body.name:
        player_in_range = false
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Ty so much dude, you helped me a lot. It works

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