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I just added CollsionShape and Area to the voxels (3D tiles) of my games. I create the Area with generate_faces and create a signal to dectec de mouse_detect_area:

func generate_faces():

    var surfaceTool : SurfaceTool

    surfaceTool = SurfaceTool.new()

    for i in range(VOXELDATA.voxelFaces.size()):

        if notNeig[i]:

            for j in range(VOXELDATA.voxelFaces[i].size()):



    mesh = surfaceTool.commit()
    meshInstance.mesh = mesh

    bodyShape = mesh.create_trimesh_shape()
    collisionShapeBody.shape = bodyShape

    areaShape = mesh.create_trimesh_shape()
    collisionShapeArea.shape = areaShape

    area.connect("input_event", self, "_detect_area") # self is the StaticBody that contain the Area

func _detect_area():
    print("Collision detected")

Although CollisionShape and Area are created in the same way, CollisionShape are working, since I tested with a falling RidigBody; but Area is not, nothing appears in the Debugger when I click the voxels. I add an image with the scene and the scene tree: here

I tried to move the ┬┤Area┬┤ outside the chunk using Remote option to chech if there was some problem, but it is still not working.

Godot version 3.3
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