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How to check which side of the player the cursor is on (left or right)?

In my case, I need to flip the player's sprite when the cursor is on the left/right side (size=1 - right, size=1 - left). I used for this rotation degrees of my weapon, which is facing towards the cursor:

func _process(delta):

    if rotation_degrees >= -90 and rotation_degrees <= 90:
        find_parent("player").scale.x = 1
        find_parent("player").scale.x = -1

    if rotation_degrees <= -270:
        print("set 90")
        rotation_degrees = 90
    if rotation_degrees >= 270:
        print("set -90")
        rotation_degrees = -90

But I did not succeed: weapon and player flipped incorrectly if you shake the cursor very quickly.

Godot version 3.2.3.stable
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You can get the location of the cursor at any time with getglobalmouse_position().

You can then compare that with the player's global position.

If the mouse's position is greater that the player's, it is on the right of the player and vice versa.

So you can do this in the player script:

if get_global_mouse_position().x > global_position.x:
    scale.x = 1
elif get_global_mouse_position.x < global_position.x:
    scale.x = -1

Additionally instead of changing the scale of the player you can just flip the sprite using $Sprite.flip_h = true/false if you want to. I hope this helped!

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