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I have a string which is like this "{"apple" : 20, "mango" : 25}" and I want to convert it into the dictionary as the dictionary is clearly visible in it

Godot version v3.2.3-stable_win64
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You are trying to parse a JSON string into a dictionary.
When looking for an answer always pay attention to the right words, it will help you a lot with your programming.

If you check this thread

I think the most voted answer (the one for Godot 3) is the one that suits you.

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First of all Sorry for repeating question just i was not getting right words.
Actually I was doing this

var dict = {"apple" : 20, "mango" : 25}
var string_of_dict = str(dict)
#now I want it to convert into dictionary again

Downvote for talking around and not giving the right answer or example.
And the question contains the right words.

User was directed to an existing good answer with explanation of the right words to use to describe the problem. User chose the answer as suitable. Maybe I talked around too much but the problem was solved when it was raised.

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should create a dictionary

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Thank you for a short and sweet answer that doesn't waste anybody's time and let's them continue being productive in Godot.

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