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I keep getting this " error Invalid call. Nonexistent function 'get_collider' in base 'Dictionary', which is weird because I followed the docs and they used it the same say way. my code is blow.

func _input(event):
        rayFrom = self.project_ray_origin(event.pos);
        rayTo = rayFrom + self.project_ray_normal(event.pos) * 100

func _fixed_process(delta):

    if(rayFrom != Vector3() && rayTo != Vector3()):
        var space_state = get_world().get_direct_space_state()
        var ray = space_state.intersect_ray(rayFrom, rayTo, [self]);

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Never used it but space_state.intersect_ray returns a dictionary, not a RayCast node

I think all the collider data is in that dictionary.

My goodness. I think I was just having one of those brain fat moments because I forgot for a sec how dictionaries work :P

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