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I have a launching rocket projectile and I need to solve the rocket tracking player's ship
.....thanks for all the help.

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From time to time the rocket ask player's ship for his position.
This position is the next position for the rocket to go.

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Like a homing missile?
look_at the target and then use the rocket transform basis as translation vector (* rocket speed) for relative speed.

Something like:

#if -z is forward on the model

If you want less precision on the follow (slow rotation), I think you will have to use Quad.slerp instead of look_at.

Check this tutorial to see how to work with Quad on Godot:

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Thanks for answers, I look at it....this is not so easy for someone who does not know how much programming

If you know about 3D design, just go slow, line by line, and make a test scene/project to try stuff until you get yourself oriented on the way things work.

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