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I am trying to put a setter, but don't know why keep getting this error. It is a standard line of code, can not figure out what is the problem. Did I do anything wrong? Thank you.

expected end of statement after expression, get setget instead

var count = 12 setget setter
Godot version v3.2.3
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I believe it's missing a comma at the end to indicate that you want a setter but not a getter:

var count = 12 setget setter,

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this line of code is perfectly fine. Are you sure this is the line of the error?

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Thanks for answering my question. It is weird, somehow it keep telling me the error, but I have no problem with setget on other parts of my project. Anyway, I end up using another approach to achieve the intent result without using setget.

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You code is not file. You should write:

var count = 12 setget setter

func setter(value: int) -> void:
count = value

You have to write a function for the setter

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