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Hi, I am having large issues for a few days now with my navigation2D pathfinding for my enemies. I have a separate scene where I have set everything up apart from my player, the tileset and the enemies have scripts attached to them, and everything works if I run that one scene with a player. The problem starts when I import it into my main scene, the pathfinding stop trying to find the player, instead, it just goes towards 0, 0 I assume. I've tried to delete all the other nodes and just leave the player node and the navigations node but that didn't work. When I put it into another scene and run that scene with the scene as a child node of my root node and a player it works fine so my question is, is it something to do with my main scene. Here is my code: https://paste.myst.rs/zkp0mtg3

Thanks in advance to anyone who helps :D

Godot version 3.3.2
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