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I am creating a 2D menu with a 3D game area, in 2 different scenes.

To make the game scale on to different resolutions, I set stretch_mode to viewport and stretch_aspect to (e.g.) keep_width, which works fine in 2D.

For testing purposes, I set the test_width and test_height to half the actual sizes.

The problem when I run it is that, when I switch to the 3D scene, it displays a part of it in the top-left quadrant of the window, while the rest is just the edge of the scene stretched over the rest, as shown below.

How can I make everything (2D and 3D) scale to the target resolution correctly?

enter image description here

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I eventually came right by setting stretch_mode to "2d".

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Try by changing ProjectSettings/Window/Mode to 2D or Viewport. If it still not in desired shape, you can move Shrink and Aspect to find the best for you.

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