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I am starting up my game and I have my kinematicbody2d set to a position of 0,0 and it appears like 500 pixels away from it, does anyone have any advice?

Godot version 3.3.2
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It might be because the position of KinematicBody is set to zero and the sprite node or animatedSprite may have have its position 500 pixels away from the KinematicBody.

So, you should set the position of all the childs of KinematicBody to (0,0). So that it appears at the position of the KinematicBody node.

This problem is very common that by mistake we change the position of its child nodes.
So better if you click thisfrom godot docs

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Make sure that your Sprite and similar has a position of 0,0 relative to the Kinematicbody2d.

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