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I am trying to get a jetpack hover working similar to mario sunshine's hover ability. I can't seem to get it to keep hover after holding down the button for six seconds. Any advice is very much appreciated.

Here is my move script:
extends PlayerState

export var maxspeed: = 25.0
export var move
speed: = 25.0
export var gravity: = -80.0
export var jumpimpulse: = 25.0
export var attack: = 10.0
export var hover
impulse: = 10.0
var velocity: = Vector3.ZERO

func unhandledinput(event: InputEvent) -> void:
if event.is
machine.transitionto("Move/Air", { velocity = velocity, jumpimpulse = jumpimpulse })
elif event.is
machine.transitionto("Move/Punch", { attack = attack})
if event.is
machine.transitionto("Move/Hover", { velocity = velocity, hoverimpulse = hover_impulse })

func physicsprocess(delta: float) -> void:
var input
direction: = getinputdirection()

var move_direction: = input_direction
if move_direction.length() > 1.0:
    move_direction = move_direction.normalized()
move_direction.y = 0.0

if move_direction:
    player.look_at(player.global_transform.origin + move_direction, Vector3.UP)

velocity = calculate_velocity(velocity, move_direction, delta)
velocity = player.move_and_slide(velocity, Vector3.UP)

static func getinputdirection() -> Vector3:
return Vector3(
Input.getactionstrength("moveright") - Input.getactionstrength("moveleft"),
Input.getactionstrength("moveback") - Input.getactionstrength("movefront")


func calculatevelocity(
current: Vector3,
movedirection: Vector3,
delta: float
) -> Vector3:
var velocity
new := movedirection * movespeed
if velocitynew.length() > maxspeed:
velocitynew = velocitynew.normalized() * maxspeed
new.y = velocity_current.y + gravity * delta

    return velocity_new

And here is the hover script:

extends PlayerState

func physicsprocess(delta: float) -> void:

if player.is_on_floor():

func enter(msg: Dictionary = {}) -> void:
match msg:
{"velocity": var v, "hoverimpulse": var hi}:
_parent.velocity = v + Vector3(0.0, hi, 0.0)

func exit() -> void:

Godot version 3.1
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Code is quite hard to read (formatting issue).

I noticed you are using a state machine. It looks like 3d Mannequiny by GDQuest.

I would start by making a copy of Jump state and then removing the gravity logic, I don't remember if that was in the base Move player state, you could always generate a new base state without inheriting from Move.

And you could split in two different states: one for the "jump" part where you reach the max elevation then after few seconds transition to the actual hover part where you don't fall.

Then you could transition to Jump/Fall state when you finish water or whatever form of energy you use for your jetpack.

Cool. Thanks for the advice.

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