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In this code "ScreenTouch" is printed only once no matter the touch duration.

   func _input(ev):
     Event = make_input_local(ev)
     if (Event.type == InputEvent.SCREEN_TOUCH):
       if Event.pressed:
        increaseJumpForce()  # as an example if you want to make a runner on mobile.
        print( "ScreenTouch")

Have you some solution without using a button for this ?

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With this code you know already when a touch begins and a touch ends. If you want to continuously do something while the touch is pressed, you can store the state of the touch in a variable, and check that variable in _process() every frame, or use a Tween.

Also note that there can be more than one touch, you don't know how many there can be (but they have an indexin the event so you can differenciate them).

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