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I'm trying to set up a navigation system based on the tree node. I've used the example code in the class doc. I cannot get it to show in the node area once the app is run.

Seems I'm missing something. Does someone have a working example? Or some hints


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Try this

extends Tree

# class member variables go here, for example:
# var a = 2
# var b = "textvar"

func _ready():
  var root = self.create_item()

  root.set_text(0, 'test')

  var child1 = self.create_item(root)

  child1.set_text(0, 'test-1')

  var child2 = self.create_item(root)

  child2.set_text(0, 'test-2')

  var subchild1 = self.create_item(child1)
  subchild1.set_text(0, "test-3")
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