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I am trying to do a loop where the camera zooms in and then zooms out, but I have no idea what am I doing wrong, if someone can please help me with the code it will help out a lot, thanks.

extends Camera2D

var side = true

func _process(_delta):

    zoom.y = zoom.x

    if side == true:
        zoom.x = lerp(zoom.x, 0.55,0.1)

        if zoom.x == 0.55:
            side = false

    elif side == false:
        zoom.x = lerp(zoom.x, 0.6,0.1)

        if zoom.x == 0.6:
            side = true
Godot version 3.2.3.stable
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But what's the actual problem you're having?
I'm assuming it doesn't work at all? Or...?

Anyway, your lerp doesn't allow the if zoom.x == 0.55 to run because:
lerp is a math equation which –depending on your parameters– may only bring the value near the mark (never actually reaching it).

So in this case if zoom.x == 0.55 is never true because for example
zoom.x = 0.549999999999.....

You could solve this by including a stepify (rounding) function, like this:

if side == true:
    zoom.x = lerp(zoom.x, 0.55, 0.1)
    var i = stepify(zoom.x, 0.01)
    if i == 0.55:
        side = false

elif side == false:
    zoom.x = lerp(zoom.x, 0.6, 0.1)
    var i = stepify(zoom.x, 0.01)
    if i == 0.6:
        side = true

Second up: your zoom.x values are changing by 0.1 = 10% every physics frame — AKA 60 times a second (by default) which will probably change too fast to notice and definitely too fast to be comfortable.

Set the lerp % value from 0.1 to something like 0.01 to slow it down.

Finally: I don't know how big Camera2D zoom values are meant to be, but 0.55 – 0.6 looks like a really small change. Is it big enough to even be noticeable?

Please add more details to your question if that doesn't help your situation.
But good luck anyway!

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Thanks, this worked.

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