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I pause the game using


but I noticed that some nodes aren't getting paused - specifically the nodes that aren't initially present in the scene tree and get instanced at runtime.

Is there a way to update gettree() to pause all the new nodes so I don't have to go in every prefab and write a script to set it to PAUSEMODE_STOP?

Thank you.

Godot version v3.2.3.stable.official
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Nevermind, I fixed it : I was running the pause script on the root node, which was set to process mode. All its childern are set to inherit mode, so they were running in process mode and were not pausing correctly.

Now, I've set the root node back to inherit mode and moved the pause code to a separate node and it now seems to be working correctly.

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if the pause mode of a node is "inherit" it should stop when the parent stops.


are you sure that non of the parents are set to "process"?

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enter image description here

Nothing happens when I click on "tree"

you have to click the object id to get the inspector for the tree

I think it's bugged, it displays for like 1 frame in the inspector then nothing

I just downloaded the latest version
Here's the tree debug info:
enter image description here

Nevermind I fixed it

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