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Xcode version 8.2.1

I followed the instructions on here:

When I try to build, gives me a dialog saying "Reached end of file while looking for: uint32_t".

What might be the issue?

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There are currently issues with building Godot for iOS with Xcode 8.x, try reverting to Xcode 7.2 or 7.3 for the time being.

It happens now with the 2.2 stable version, even with Xcode 7.3. I tried to go back to 2.1 stable and it works.

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It's because of wrong template for ios.
moving /godot_ios_xcode/godot_debug.iphone /godot_ios_xcode/godot_opt.iphone to
/godot_ios_xcode/godot_xcode/godot_debug.iphone /godot_ios_xcode/godot_xcode/godot_opt.iphone will fix it.

Tested with xcode 7.3.1
- 2.1.2 template / 2.1.2 binary
- 2.1.2 template / 2.2-legacy binary

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works lie a charm ! But i found the description a little confusing at first ! Thanks !

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