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Just saw a trailer about a typical asteroids like game, and unless the gameplay is full in 2D,the models seems to be in 3D, Can I archive this in a 2D godot game? If not, it's possible to create a full 2D game except the models in 3d?

The trailer : Subverse Review - Too Early Access: https://youtu.be/G4Fr-2EwMqc


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Snail0259's comment is a good answer.

It is possible to have 2D and 3D scenes within each other using the Viewport node, which was designed for this usage. You see here can for more tutorials on it:

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yes, there are is even an template for 2d in 3d, a great tutorial would be this:


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sorry, 3d in 2d

Im not sure that the video is a godot tutorial┬┐?

it helped me, maybe it could have helped you too, I definitely find it good and simple, here is another one: https://godotengine.org/article/godot-32-will-get-pseudo-3d-support-2d-engine

maybe this is what your looking for

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