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I got some odd color banding behavior if i run my scene. This isn't the case in the editor itself or if i use the "Game Camera Override" button:

Does anyone have a clue?
- I use a World Environment with Tonemapping, SS Reflections SSAO and some Color adjustments.
- The floor shader is a simple calculation:

shader_type spatial;
render_mode blend_mix, depth_draw_opaque, cull_back, diffuse_burley, specular_schlick_ggx;

varying vec3 pos;
varying vec3 normal;

void vertex() {
    pos = (WORLD_MATRIX * vec4(VERTEX, 1)).xyz;
    normal = NORMAL;

void fragment() {
    float faceUp = max(0.0, min(1.0, normal.y));
    vec2 uv = fract(pos.xz) - 0.5;
    float l = length(max(abs(uv) - 0.4, 0.0));
    float borderMask = smoothstep(0.08, 0.09, l);

    ALBEDO = mix(vec3(0.0), vec3(borderMask), faceUp);
    METALLIC = 0.0;
    SPECULAR = 0.5;
    ROUGHNESS = mix(1.0 - faceUp * 0.9, borderMask * 0.9, borderMask);
Godot version 3.3.2 64 Bit Windows Mono
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