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I read up on .pck files and their uses here, and it seems pretty straightforward for things like DLC or mods, but I'm a bit unclear on how this applies to things like patches and updates.

Say I make a game in Godot and there's a scene called "enemy.tscn" with a script attached called "enemy.gd", and it turns out there's a bug that needs some lines of code to fix. How would I create and apply a .pck file with the fix and apply it to the game? Is there some kind of workflow or setup required to make a game patch-friendly?

Thanks in advance!

Godot version Godot 3.2.2
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To reduce patch download sizes, it's generally less effort to rely on binary diff systems provided by various platforms such as Steam. Just make sure to export to a PCK file instead of a ZIP archive (since compression will make binary diffs not work well).

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