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I'd like to click text in a meta tag and have the contents be selected/highlighted like you would if you manually dragged your mouse to select the whole string. How can this be done?

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I'm not sure if this helps, but I'm pretty sure labels and other UI nodes in Godot are incapable of this. But I think if you have a TEXTEDIT node then it's possible. The only downside is having your characters be able to edit the text. But then again, why would you want a player to highlight a text if it's not to be edited?

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Assuming you're talking about a RichTextLabel, the only way I see it is have the on_meta_clicked method connected to that signal, replace the bbcode between that [url] tag, with the same text, but wrapped with the extra bbcode tag you need. E.g. you could turn it underlined or change the font colour. Unfortunately the node does not offer a native way to change font background, but you can develop a custom effect to do that youself.

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